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What do the Introductory Rites of the Mass mean?


Every Mass begins with the Introductory Rights, beginning with the procession to the altar and ending with the Collect, before the readings begin. Are these all just meaningless parts of a ritual that have no relevance today? How do they relate to Jesus? Find out the deeper significance of every part of the Introductory Rights in this blog.

What does the structure of Catholic Mass actually mean?


For those who go to Mass regularly, for those who haven't been in many years, and for those who have never been, understanding the structure of the Mass is important for appreciating what's happening. This blog explains that there are two parts to the Mass: the Liturgy of the Word, and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. These two parts are bookended by an introduction and a conclusion.

How to Prepare for Mass


Mass is such a holy and wonderful event that we can't turn up as Mass begins without any preparation. Let the simple explanation in this blog, offered by a noted liturgist, help you to learn exactly how to prepare for Mass.

What actually happens at Mass?


Have you ever wondered why the Mass is so important, or who invented the Mass? In this blog, find the truth of Catholic beliefs about what takes place at Mass and what the heart of the Mass actually means. An outline of the structure of the Mass is also given to help you understand the different parts of the Mass.

5 Reasons to Go to Mass on Sunday


It's easy to fall out of the practice of going to Mass or to wonder why it's necessary to go at all. Here you can discover five reasons why it's important to go to Mass, and why the Church requires all who are able to go to Mass every Sunday.