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We Have Come to the House of God: A Christmas Reflection by Pope Francis


From the moment that Cain, blinded by envy, killed his brother Abel, humanity has been plagued by violence, wars, hatred and oppression. Yet, as Pope Francis reflects in this blog, God has been patient with us, never giving up, but waiting for the moment when He would send us a great light in the form of His Son. What is important now, the Pope says, is to seek the Lord.

Hope Fulfilled: Pope Francis and the Hope of Christmas


In Christmas, we find a tremendous hope: God is with us. Yet as we ponder this incredible truth on Christmas Day, we must remember that there are many living without hope, those who suffer persecution for their hope, or whose hopes are vested in things which can never satisfy. Pope Francis reflects on these themes in this Christmas blog.

A Christmas Reflection


The many readings for the Christmas liturgies present a glorious mosaic. Throughout, there is a constant movement from God towards man and, in response, man towards God: a circle of direct communication flowing from the gift of divine communion. Read this reflection on the Christmas Mass readings and be reminded of the depth of meaning in this momentous day.

St Joseph’s Role in the Infancy Narratives


We know so little about St Joseph, we don't even have a record of what he said. Yet though his role was quiet and in the background, we can be sure that he played an important role as the foster-father of Jesus and the spouse of Our Lady. Here is what we know about his marriage to Mary, his role in the birth of Jesus and in the life of his Foster Son.