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What can Mary teach us about the Passion?


“Stabat mater dolorosa – The Sorrowful Mother was standing.” This is the first line of one of the most celebrated Catholic hymns sung by Catholics for over eight centuries when walking from one station of the Cross to the next. The Stabat Mater teaches us that every fallen child of Adam and Eve benefits from uniting sacrificially with Jesus and Mary. Meditate on the first three stanzas in this blog.

How Heaven Brings Married Couples Together


“It is Heaven that has decided”. In this blog, unpack the fundamental truth about marriage found in the Book of Tobit. The beauty of God's plan for each married couple is reflected in the story of Tobias and Sarah, who were brought together by the angel Raphael. Discover what this means for your marriage, or for marriage preparation and catechesis, in this extract from "7 Words on Marriage".