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How to Develop Intimate Friendship with Jesus in Prayer


Jesus is calling each of us to enter into deep friendship with Him in prayer. To establish this intimate friendship with Jesus, spend one hour a day with Him and He will bless the other twenty-three hours of your day! Why do we do this? Because it is Jesus who is calling us to Himself so that we can avoid sin and practise virtue and He can help us through the trials and sufferings of this life until we rejoice with Him for ever in heaven! Find guidance for this daily hour with Jesus in this blog.

Is it morally good to use Chat GPT? – Catholic Answers About AI


What do the advances in Artificial Intelligence mean for the Church and for the world? What are the ethics surrounding the use of AI? We got some Catholic experts to answer some important and often-asked questions about AI, such as whether there are morally good uses of Chat GPT, if children should be permitted to use AI, and if it's possible for AI to harm us.