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Canticle of the Passion


For a period of twelve years, St Catherine de Ricci experienced all the pains of Christ’s passion. After the first of these mystical experiences, when she had received the sacred stigmata, Our Lady gave this compilation, called the ‘Canticle of the Passion’, to St Catherine and asked her to meditate on it, and so continue to grow in love for the crucified Lord Jesus.

Why Consecrate Yourself to St Joseph?


Did you know that you can consecrate yourself to St Joseph? Perhaps you have previously consecrated yourself to Our Lady, but of all the saints St Joseph comes closest to her in both virtue and power. Consecrate yourself to St Joseph to turn to him with all your heart to seek to become more like Jesus. Here are six reasons from the saints to consecrate yourself to Jesus' beloved foster father.

How to Pray Lectio Divina


Pope Benedict XVI encouraged us to go deeper in our prayer life using a classical method, lectio divina. The late pontiff strongly exhorted followers of Christ to utilise the Word of God as fertile ground for delving into the depths of prayer. This blog sets out the steps the Holy Father suggested to motivate us to never tire in growing in our union with God through a deeper prayer life.

What can Mary teach us about the Passion?


“Stabat mater dolorosa – The Sorrowful Mother was standing.” This is the first line of one of the most celebrated Catholic hymns sung by Catholics for over eight centuries when walking from one station of the Cross to the next. The Stabat Mater teaches us that every fallen child of Adam and Eve benefits from uniting sacrificially with Jesus and Mary. Meditate on the first three stanzas in this blog.