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What happens in Purgatory?


What happens in Purgatory? What's the point of it? Can the holy souls pray for us? Is Purgatory painful? Find answers to your questions on Purgatory in this blog.

What happens when we die?


What happens when we die? How can a loving God allow souls to go to hell? What is purgatory? Find out answers to common questions about Catholic Church teaching on death and eternal life in this blog.

Should death scare us?


The idea of being judged when we die can seem terrifying. Yet Catholic Church teaching about death and judgement is not intended to scare us, but rather to empower us to live this life for the next world. When we recall the loving mercy of God, we can greet death not with fear but with hope.

Pope St John Paul II – Saint of the Day – 22nd October


From the beginning of his pontificate, Pope St John Paul II spoke to the heart of the faithful. ‘Do not be afraid’ he cried to the crowds gathered in Saint Peters’ Square, urging them (and the communists) to ‘Open wide the doors to Christ.’ He had a special message for young people, telling them: ‘You are the future of the world and the hope of the Church. You are my hope!’ (22 October 1978).