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How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations


What makes a Christmas tree a Christmas tree? Traditionally, Christmas trees are decorated with glass baubles of all different colours, and candles or chains of lights. Why not make your own decorations this year? Discover this fun activity for children!

Behold He is Coming


As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Word made flesh, it's helpful to consider Christmas from three perspectives: the past when Our Saviour was born, the present where Jesus comes to us in the Eucharist, and the future when we will one day be judged.

Mary’s Gift of Self Points the Way


In this Advent reflection of the first line of the Hail Mary, discover how Mary helps us to consider our place in salvation history, and how meditating upon Mary's role in the birth of Our Lord also encourages us to meditate upon the fulfilment of the Kingdom.