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Why do we need Confession?


If you have ever wondered why confession is necessary, or why it's important to go often, find answers in the wisdom of Pope Francis. Discover how confession restores our friendship with God, why we should be sorry for our sins, the advantages to confession, and more in this blog.

First Sunday of Lent


Led by the Spirit and guided by the Church, we enter into a desert of sorts, renouncing various comforts and making more time for prayer and self-sacrifice. We contemplate the truth about sin and salvation; we test our hearts and ask: how do I use my freedom? Do I trust in God? How can I grow in obedience and love? 

What is the meaning of Ash Wednesday?


Why do Catholics receive ashes on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday? How should Ash Wednesday be observed? What does it mean to fast? How do parishes mark the beginning of Lent? Explore Catholic customs and traditions associated with Ash Wednesday in this blog post.