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Questions & Answers About the Holy Spirit


What does it mean to believe in the Holy Spirit? What does He do for the Church? What does He do for me? Perhaps the least understood member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit plays an essential role in not only our lives, but in the life of Jesus and in the life of the Church. Learn more about the Holy Spirit in this blog.

Who is the Holy Spirit? Answers for Children


Have you ever talked to your child about the Holy Spirit? It's not easy to explain Who He is and what He does in a way that helps children understand His significance and role in their lives. Written in a child-friendly way, this blog will help guide conversations with your children by answering key questions about the Holy Spirit.

St Augustine’s Battle With Chastity


St Augustine's battle with chastity is as inspirational as it is well-known. For many years he struggled to change his life, while at the same time being so completely chained to his sin that he was unable to make the changes necessary. Discover his story in this blog, and learn how to overcome the persistent sins in your own life by following his example.

Regina Cæli


Discover this beautiful prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, often said during Eastertide.