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5 Reasons to Go to Mass on Sunday


It's easy to fall out of the practice of going to Mass or to wonder why it's necessary to go at all. Here you can discover five reasons why it's important to go to Mass, and why the Church requires all who are able to go to Mass every Sunday.

Father Damien’s Extraordinary Sacrifice


In 19th-century Hawaii, the stunning landscape hid terrible secrets and inhuman suffering: leprosy was raging among the native peoples. Terrified of an epidemic, the authorities established a leper colony, a prison for the sick and dying. Deeply concerned for the souls of those abandoned to die, the Bishop of Honolulu invited priests to minister there. The man who volunteered to be first was Father Damien, who went there with a specific intention: with generosity of heart, the young priest was going to sacrifice his life for the lepers.

Cardinal Sarah: Modern Risks to the Catholic Priest’s Moral Integrity


The temptations and opportunities to fall into sin are many, perhaps more so in the past. In this blog, Cardinal Robert Sarah establishes four areas of contemporary life in which priests today may find themselves exposed to sin: Catholic education, the structure of one's day, disorderly use of the internet, and poor theological and doctrinal preparation.

What actually happens at Mass?


Have you ever wondered why the Mass is so important, or who invented the Mass? In this blog, find the truth of Catholic beliefs about what takes place at Mass and what the heart of the Mass actually means. An outline of the structure of the Mass is also given to help you understand the different parts of the Mass.