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10 Ways to Read the Bible


The Bible is a letter from God to you, a book in which He speaks to you and gives you guidance, hope and encouragement. Pope Francis encourages us all, therefore, to read the Bible more often, so to help you develop a love for reading the Bible, here are ten ways you can read it.

What is chastity and how can I live it?


Viewed as old-fashioned, out of date, and out of touch, chastity is not popular with today's world. Yet two young women who loved Jesus more than any other man in the world and who lived 1700 years apart, thought that chastity was worth dying for. Be inspired by the stories of St Agnes and Bl Albertina Berkenbrock as you embrace chastity in your own life.

Becoming Servants of the Poor: How St Francis de Sales Founded the Order of the Visitation


When St Francis de Sales looked at the towns and cities of 17th-century France, he couldn't help but see 'the squalor of the Cross' in the squalor of the towns and cities. Determined to do something about it, he decided to set up a religious order to help them, with the aid of his friend St Jane Frances de Chantal. Learn how they became servants of the poor in founding the Visitation Order in this blog.