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St John of the Cross’ Enduring Patience in Captivity


It’s one of the paradoxes of Christianity that we find life in death, freedom in captivity, patience in action. For St John of the Cross, his time in captivity was a period of intense growth. John didn’t just endure and suffer but spent his time meditating on the things of Heaven. His life and action serve as a guide for us.

St Lucy – Saint of the Day – 13th December


According to legend, St Lucy was the daughter of a wealthy family who was brought up as a Christian, and, having resisted the advances of a pagan suitor, was arrested, tortured and killed. Her feast, situated near the shortest day of the year, is celebrated in Sweden and elsewhere as a festival of light.

Discovering the Face of God


Who is this man Jesus? And why is there a continuing fascination with him even when many people think Christianity is in decline? The basic facts of his life are agreed by most historians. This is not just mythology or Christian propaganda. We’ve got more hard evidence about the life of Jesus than we have for almost anyone in the ancient world.