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What the Saints Tell Us About Mary’s Intercession


How can asking for Mary’s intercession bring us closer to Jesus? In this exclusive extract from our book Behold Your Mother, read the examples of the saints who sought Mary’s assistance and be inspired to ask for Mary’s help in your own life.

Father Damien’s Extraordinary Sacrifice


When the Hawaiian authorities established a leper colony, a prison for the sick and dying, Father Damien volunteered to be the first to minister to them. The young priest went there with a specific intention: he was going to sacrifice his life for the lepers.

The English Martyrs and Faithfulness in Times of Trial


The heroism of the martyrs inspires us, their love sets us on fire, their merciful love towards their oppressors offers us an example to follow; their blood and sufferings grace the spiritual treasury of the Church making intercession for all of us so we, like them, may come to know and love Christ.

Prayer to St George


A Roman soldier who was martyred, St George has been a popular and beloved saint among soldiers in the Crusades and even Kings, with his popularity surviving the Reformation. Devote yourself to him with this prayer to St George.