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Prayer of Consecration of a Married Couple to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consecrate your marriage to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus with this beautiful prayer, asking Jesus to be at the centre of your marriage.

Blessed are You Lord God, Eternal Father.
Our marriage comes from your goodness to us,
You are the one who brought us together and leads our life.
We place the Most Sacred Heart of your Son Jesus
at the centre of our marriage:
a heart free from sin
a heart giving to the other
a heart burning of love
a heart open to the will of God
Dispel from our marriage Satan our enemy, the spirit
of evil, and send your healing remedy, the Archangel
Raphael, to guide us and defend us.

Discover the faithful presence of God in the life-journey of every married couple

This blog was extracted from our book 7 Words on Marriage

Raphael. I take thee. Ring. Blessing. Nuptial bed. Cana. Sunem.

These are seven life-giving words on your marriage and to your marriage, as it is here and now, whether you took your vows decades ago, are newly-wed, or even still preparing for your wedding day. Drawing from the marriage vows, from stories of couples in Sacred Scripture, and from the practical and inspirational insights of Pope Francis and Pope St John Paul II, we can discover the faithful presence of our loving God in the life-journey of every married couple.

Every marriage is different, yet the same: joys and sorrows, blessings and failures.

These seven words reveal marriage as a sign of hope: an assurance that we can still have faith in marriage, the most beautiful thing God has created.