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How to Pray the Rosary More Often


Do you struggle to pray the Rosary? Fr Lawrence Lew OP, Promotor General of the Rosary for the Order of Preachers, offers advice from his own experience of praying the rosary, guiding you in your prayer to become more like Mary in faith, hope, and love.

How to Make Good Decisions With St Ignatius of Loyola


Sometimes when there is a decision to make or a moral dilemma, we might be unsure about what the best way forward is. St Ignatius of Loyola famously once made a moral decision the wrong way. Instead of using St Ignatius' method, here are five good ways to make a moral decision.

Joachim and Anne: the Patron Saints of Grandparents


Like many saints in our calendar, we know very little about Joachim and Anne other than they are venerated as the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We don’t know their names for sure but at least we can be certain that the Blessed Virgin had parents. An important question is, what can we know from them and what do they have to say to grandparents today?