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What is Truth? – The Roots (and the Flowering) of Modern Nihilism


Read the second chapter of our thought-provoking book What is Truth?. Intended as an apologetic foundation for anyone attempting to evangelise a postmodern neighbour, What is Truth? explains that to share the joy of the Gospel today, men and women must rediscover that it is possible to know objective truth about ourselves and the world around us.

How to Live Through Trials – With St Benedict


When trials of any kind enter our lives, we often lose the peace of mind that we had so long sought and built up in our relationships with others. How then can we rediscover that peace, even amidst trials? Fr Bernard Ducruet offers advice based on the wisdom of St Benedict.

Who were Sts John Fisher and Thomas More?


These most famous of the Reformation martyrs were also the first to be canonised. St John Fisher was one of King Henry VIII's most admired bishops, until he became the only English bishop who refused to deny the legality of the King's first marriage. St Thomas More was a father of four who became Lord Chancellor of England, until he too refused the King's demand. Both were beheaded on Tower Hill.