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Pray the Rosary

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CTS Weekly Picks

What is your experience with the Rosary? While it is a beloved Catholic prayer, many people say that praying the Rosary is a struggle. They get distracted, their mind straying from the mysteries they should be meditating on. Others find it hard to make time for it; the Rosary can seem long and intimidating.

With the month of the Rosary coming up, it’s that time of year where we try to renew our focus on this most special Marian prayer. So, whether you count yourself among those for whom it is a struggle, or you already have a great devotion for the Rosary, this month is your time to deepen your experience of this prayer.

The real question is not whether you should pray it, but what will help you to pray it or deepen your prayer. Thankfully, we’re here to aid you in answering this question. Out of the many CTS books that feature the Rosary, we’ve selected the best and highlighted the key feature you really need to know about.

Find the right book for you by scrolling down and transform your experience of praying the Rosary.

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I'd Like Visual Aids

I Just Want Something Simple

A Simple Rosary Book Catholic Truth Society

£3.50Add to Basket

Simple Prayer Book

A Simple Prayer Book Catholic Truth Society

£3.50Add to Basket

A Catholic Prayer Book Amette Ley, Catholic Truth Society

£3.50Add to Basket

I Love the Rosary and Want to Go Deeper

Praying a Scriptural Rosary

Praying a Scriptural Rosary Fr Guy Nicholls

£3.95Add to Basket

I'd Like To Enrich My Experience With Inspiring Meditations

Fatima: the Family & the Church Donal Anthony Foley, Timothy Tindal-Robertson

£3.95Add to Basket

The Rosary with Pope Francis Alessandro Saraco

£3.50Add to Basket

Handbook of Prayers

Handbook of Prayers Rev James D Socias

£12.95Add to Basket

Divine Mercy Prayer Book The Marian Fathers

£3.50Add to Basket

Our Lady of Silence Fr Emiliano Antenucci

£3.50Add to Basket

I Want to Help Children Pray the Rosary

The Rosary

Rosary Juliette Levivier

£6.95Add to Basket