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Weekly Spotlight: Live the Church’s Feasts & Seasons in 2024

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This week the Church marked two very important dates in the liturgical calendar: All Saints Day and All Souls. The Church’s feasts are a helpful reminder of what we believe, and that there is truly more to life than what we see in the everyday.

As the end of the year draws ever closer, we invite you to remember the truths of our faith and mark the feasts and seasons in an even deeper way in 2024 with the aid of The CTS Calendar 2024. This beautifully curated companion celebrates the richness of the Church’s feasts and seasons, offering daily inspiration for your spiritual life.

Here are 5 reasons you’ll love The CTS Calendar 2024:

1. Celebrate Catholic Feasts and Seasons: Dive into the rich tapestry of our faith throughout the liturgical year. From the great celebrations of Easter and Christmas to the penitential seasons of Lent and Advent, our calendar is your guide to the heart of Catholic traditions.

2. References to Daily Mass Readings: Stay connected to the Word of God with references to the daily Mass readings conveniently at your fingertips. Let the Scriptures shape your day and bring you closer to Christ.

3. Pope Francis’s Monthly Prayer Intentions: Join the Holy Father in prayer for the world’s most pressing issues. Become a part of the global community of Catholics united in faith and compassion.

4. Inspiring Quotations: Each month, you’ll find thought-provoking quotes that inspire contemplation and help you grow in faith.

5. Stunning Monthly Images: Adorn your wall with a new piece of art every month, with beautiful images that reflect the essence of the season and offer windows into the heart of our faith. Scroll down for some examples of the images featured!

There is limited stock available of The CTS Calendar 2024, so order your copy today to experience the year ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and spirituality.

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