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How to Find God’s Unique Plan For Your Life


When we think about vocations, we tend to think of them in four big categories: priest, religious, married, or consecrated single. But God's plan for your life is far more unique than that.

Mastering Silent Prayer in a Noisy World


Reciting set prayers can take you a long way in building your relationship with God. But as the relationship deepens, it often becomes more still, more quiet. Discover the importance of silent prayer in this blog.

Struggling With “The Mary Thing”


The fierce devotion that many Catholics have to Our Lady can seem over the top to those outside the Faith. I couldn't understand their devotion until I witnessed a Marian procession in Malta that shifted something in my heart.

5 Ways to Sanctify Your Room or Home


The most important way to sanctify your home is to sanctify yourself! To live a holy life. But these Catholic customs can also help us to make our home or personal room a place of holiness and peace.