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Support Your Prayer Life in Isolation

The suspension of public Masses in the UK adds to the already strange new world we are currently confronted with since the coronavirus hit. We want to share with you how CTS is helping you stay on track spiritually during the pandemic.

The suspension of public Masses in the UK adds to the already strange new world we are currently confronted with since the coronavirus hit. Every day we hear more reports of people dying from this new virus and as the supermarkets get busier and the streets quieter, fear is beginning to seep in. It is understandably a very difficult time for us all.

Yet as Christians we know we have something greater than our worries. Even with public Masses suspended, during this difficult time we can see how God is pulling us closer to Him. In the fear, He calls us to trust. In the quiet, He calls us to turn our focus on Him.

At CTS, we are doing a number of things to help you stay on track spiritually:

1. Get a copy of The CTS New Sunday Missal 2020 for £1

During this time when we are unable to attend Mass, it’s helpful to maintain a routine at home (see our blog What to do if you can’t get to Mass on Sunday) which includes reading the Sunday Mass readings on a Sunday. To make that possible for all Catholics, we are now offering The CTS New Sunday Missal 2020 for just £1Please buy for others you know who may need it. However, if you or someone you know is in particular need of this missal, we are offering it free to those in need. Please get in touch if this is the case.

2.  Get a free download of the leaflet What if I can’t get to Sunday Mass?

We want you to feel reassured that while Masses are suspended across the UK, you are not committing a sin because you are unable to go. Our now out of print leaflet What if I can’t get to Sunday Mass? dealt with this common concern, so it is now available for you digitally as a PDF, so that you can download and print it. Please share this with others who may be concerned.

3. We are launching a series of blog posts on the Catholic approach to the coronavirus

In our new blog series, we hope you will find inspiration to draw closer to God during this difficult time. Every Monday, we will be posting a new blog, covering a variety of subjects, including:

We’ll keep you up-to-date with these blogs in our weekly email newsletter and on social media (see links at the bottom of our website). You can also check our website weekly, where the blogs will be appearing every Monday.

4. Prayer during a time of social-distancing and self-isolation

We will be working closely together with Hozana, the social prayer platform, to help you stay close to God during this difficult time. When your normal routine is disrupted, and particularly when you can’t get to Mass, you may find your prayer schedule is disrupted.

That’s why we’re working with Hozana to help you get into a routine of not just praying regularly in uncertain times, but also to foster a sense of community so that no one feels isolated.

We’ll keep you updated on this, but in the meantime we encourage you to join Hozana and take advantage of the many prayer communities you can join.

If you have any other suggestions for how we can cater to people spiritually during this time, please contact us using the form below.

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