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A Catholic Mother’s Guide to Family Life in Lockdown


Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown, all of a sudden the family home has become a school, an office, a playground, a cafe, a gym, a pub, a church, the only place where social distancing does not apply. Everyone is in the same space 24/7 stepping on each other’s toes. So how can families not just survive this time together but fully enjoy it?

Live Holy Week at Home


If you're unable to get to Mass this Holy Week and Easter, or if you're missing the traditional customs that we can't have during the pandemic, here are some tips on how to enter into the spirit of the week from home.

Spiritual Sickness in Pursuit of Physical Health


At the threat of disease, we have abandoned everything. We are on lockdown. Is this how we react to the threat of spiritual sickness? Now is a time to take advantage of the lockdown by pursuing spiritual health. The doors of our churches may be closed, but Jesus still lives inside you. Will you seek him out?

A Catholic Response to Coronavirus


All around us, people are worried, upset and scared. But during this time of uncertainty, it's more important than ever that we be strong in our faith, and that we don't give in to a worldly, fearful way of looking at things.

Support Your Prayer Life in Isolation


The suspension of public Masses in the UK adds to the already strange new world we are currently confronted with since the coronavirus hit. We want to share with you how CTS is helping you stay on track spiritually during the pandemic.