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The books everyone else is reading right now, and what to read once you've read them.

It’s not always easy to find the right book for you. How can you be sure that you’ll enjoy it? As a reader, you probably know what it’s like to find a book that appears to be full of promise, only to feel betrayed when it’s not quite as you expected.

Thankfully, we’ve got a foolproof way of helping you discover a book that won’t disappoint. It’s simple: read something everyone else is reading! And if you’ve already read that popular book that everyone else wants to get their hands on? We know a book you’ll want to dive into next!

Want to know what everyone else is reading right now? Scroll down!

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New Books

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Trending Right Now

YOUCAT for Kids YOUCAT Foundation

£12.95Add to Basket

My Simple Mass Book

My Simple Mass Book David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi

£4.95Add to Basket

Message of Bernadette Donal Anthony Foley, Mgr Vernon Johnson

£3.50Add to Basket

Simple Prayer Book

A Simple Prayer Book Catholic Truth Society

£3.95Add to Basket

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Jesus, I Adore You Sabine du Mesnil

£5.95Add to Basket

Pilgrim France

Pilgrim France David Baldwin

£9.95Add to Basket

A Newman Prayerbook Birmingham Oratory

£3.50Add to Basket


If you liked these, you'll love...

The Rosary

Rosary Juliette Levivier

£6.95Add to Basket