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Customers in the UK should order by Friday 17th December for gifts to arrive in time.

International orders cannot be guaranteed in time for Christmas.

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Stories of the Great War


The Great War brought the reality of modern conflict into the lives of a whole society. This blog collects some specifically Catholic experiences and responses.

A Chaplain’s Advice to Catholic Soldiers in World War II


In 1940, in the midst of the Second World War, an anonymous chaplain authored "At the Front: thoughts and prayers for the fighting forces". Here is an extract from these thoughts and prayers, containing four key points for Catholic soldiers, which many of us may still find helpful today.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Lateran Basilica


St John Lateran is the official ecclesiastical seat of the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome. In this blog, imagine yourself walking around the basilica, discover the most notable aspects, and learn about its history.