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Confessions From an Inter-Faith Relationship


When my boyfriend asked me to be his wife, I almost instantly said yes! It wasn’t one of those fairy tale proposals - it was cold and raining and he left me outside while he gathered his ENTIRE family. As most girls would be when they’d found ‘the one’, I was over the moon! I was excited! But I was also very anxious… after all, my boyfriend is not a Catholic.

How to Homeschool Your Children in Lockdown


Up until recently, homeschooling was a niche choice, but with the closure of schools, it's suddenly become mainstream. Homeschooling is not without its challenges, though, as many parents will undoubtedly have already found out. One Catholic mum who has already been homeschooling for several years shares her advice on dealing with those challenges and making sure children remember this time for the right reasons.

COVID: Community On the Verge of Incurable Destruction?


Millions of people across the world are now confined to the four walls of their home with their family or flatmates. Isolating with different people for months at a time, people with different personalities or backgrounds, introverts vs extroverts, can become quite tough. Here a Dominican sister shares some tips on how to live peacefully together in community.

How to Live the Triduum at Home as a Family


As the Triduum approaches, many Catholic families wonder how to live this important time at home. While it's not possible to reproduce every part of the Triduum at home, here are some ways that families can highlight these important moments of Christ's life at home.