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CTS in your parish

Learn how to support CTS, and to help your parish in their mission to pass on the Faith, by selling CTS publications in your parish.

In our mission to help people discover, nurture and share their Catholic faith, CTS has already been established in the the heart of many parishes. By selling on CTS publications to both parishioners and visitors, you can help to further the mission of CTS and to pass on the faith to others. We offer parishes a standard 15% discount on A6 Booklets, and 10% on most other items.

CTS helps parishes pass on the Catholic Faith

Everyone has within them a deep yearning for the truth, questions about life that cannot be quelled. The Catholic Truth Society exists to help people find compelling answers to these questions, by tackling the important issues of life and faith in a way that is authentic, accessible, and authoritative. By selling CTS publications within your parish, you can assist your Parish Priest in passing on the Faith within the parish.

Appointing a volunteer

Parishes that are committed to using CTS publications to pass on the Faith in their parish appoint a volunteer, called a “CTS Rep”. The CTS Rep relieves some of the burdens of the Parish Priest by taking responsibility for managing the ordering and distribution of CTS publications in their parish.

The Rep is then in a position to liaise with the Parish Priest and the catechists to identify the best resources for the parish, while also engaging with parishioners to suggest publications that can help them to grow in faith.

Give us a call – we’ll get you started!

We’d be happy to talk with you about how to set up CTS in your parish, appointing a CTS Rep, and how your parish can qualify for discounts.

Our Customer Service Team will be pleased to take your call on 020 7640 0042

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