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Altar Missal

Catholic Truth Society


CTS’s Altar Missal has been carefully designed in close collaboration with priests and with our Italian binders to ensure practicality, beauty and durability.

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CTS’s Altar Missal helps bring beauty and dignity to the liturgy.

It has been carefully designed in close collaboration with priests and with our Italian binders to ensure practicality, beauty and durability.

This Missal is for use in England and Wales, and Scotland. It has a uniquely high specification at an affordable price.

Beauty & Durability

• Binding. Bound in deluxe genuine padded Italian leather.

• Cover decoration. Gold decorative blocking on front, back and spine, plus Florentine gold blocking on inside lip of cover. Cruciform design based on Byzantine St George’s cross; border design inspired by Ingeborg Psalter.

• Durable spine. Ribbed spine gives greater durability and ensures the volume lies flat and keeps its shape over time.

• Strong binding. Endpapers made of extra-strong tear-resistant Skinplast® to ensure durability.

• Gilded page edges.

• Colour illustrations. Full-colour illustrations from the 12th-century Ingeborg Psalter (Musée Condé), printed on high-quality art paper.

Ease of use

• Leather tabs. 18 hand-placed genuine leather tabs with gold blocking to mark each page of the 4 main Eucharistic Prayers, and the principal rites (Communion Rite, Blessings, etc).

• Ribbons. Six liturgically-coloured 25mm-wide ribbons with hand-sewn butterfly ends to ensure no fraying. Expertly joined to the volume to prevent tangling.

• National Propers. Contains National Propers for England and Wales, Scotland, all placed in the Proper of Saints with each in its correct place (i.e. not placed separately in an appendix).

• Concelebration. All Eucharistic Prayers, including those for Reconciliation, are annotated for up to 4 concelebrants.

Index. Fully indexed, including National Propers.

Clarity of the page

• Paper. Cream, low-reflectivity, high-contrast paper: thicker, more durable 100 gsm for Order of Mass, 60 gsm for other, less-frequently used parts. Sustainably sourced, archive grade.

• Text. Typeset in specially modified version of Stone font for maximum readability, with rubrics in red. Size is 13.5 pt.

• Music. Every preface is set to music in easy-to-read five-line notation. A CD is available from CTS to assist priests in learning this.

Careful protection

• Storage pouch. Protective tailored red flannel storage pouch to keep your Missal in pristine condition.

Product details

Weight 4.900 kg
Dimensions 190 × 270 mm

Product Format Leather / fine binding
Pages 1566
Publication Date 2011-01-01