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The Order of Celebrating Matrimony (Scotland)

Bishops' Conference of Scotland


The new Order of Celebrating Matrimony, for mandatory use in Scotland since Easter 2016. Beautifully produced in gold blocked red leather with gilt edges and three ribbons.

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This new ritual book contains the mandatory text for the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, based on the second typical edition, for exclusive use in Scotland.

An expanded introduction gives a deeper exposition of the Church’s theology of Marriage and a useful basis for homilies at weddings.

The new ritual book contains full texts for:
– Matrimony within Mass
– Matrimony without Mass
– Order for celebrating Matrimony between a Catholic and Catechumen or non-baptised person.
A full listing of the expanded lectionary choices for marriage is included and readings which speak explicitly of Marriage (one of which must now be used) are indicated.
Examples are given of Universal prayers that can be used in the wedding service and an expanded selection of Blessings

Additional new rituals are given in the appendices including:
– Blessing of an engaged couple
– Blessing of a couple on an anniversary including sample formulas for a renewal of commitment and blessing of new or existing rings.
– Order of convalidation.

Beautifully produced in a portable format in gold blocked red leather with gilt edges, with three ribbons.

(Texts of civil declaration and consent are valid for Scotland only.)

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Publication Date 2016-09-08