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The Ordinary Holiness of a Family Who Became Heroes

The Blessed Ulma family died as heroes, having lost their lives due to hiding Jews from the Nazis, guided by their Christian faith in doing so. But prior to this tragic event, they lived unremarkable lives in a quiet Polish village. In this blog, discover how it was the ordinary holiness of the Ulmas that ultimately led to their heroic deeds and eventual martyrdom.

The Tragic Story of the Ulma Family

On 24th March 1944, in a once-peacful Polish village, a massacre took place. The Nazis came in the middle of the night to the home of the Ulma family, where among the sleeping inhabitants were Jews whom the Ulmas were hiding. All were killed, adults and children, Catholics and Jews. The whole of the Ulma family having now been beatified, be inspired by their story in this blog.

How to Share the Gospel in a Post-Modern World

When Christians today take up the task of spreading the Gospel, they will encounter a problem. How can the Gospel be preached to a world that claims to already know that there is no God and that faith is unreasonable? Here are five things to bear in mind when trying to share the Gospel in a post-modern world.

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