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Praying the Nicene Creed

Praying the Nicene Creed James Matthew Wilson

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PA66 Peace of Heart

Peace of Heart – According to St Benedict Fr Bernard Ducruet, OSB

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The Identity of the Catholic School Congregation for Catholic Education for Educational Institutions

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gift ideas

Gift Ideas


Catholic Prayers

Talking Points

Talking Points


Preparing for Pentecost

Living Fruitfully: Self-Control

Living Fruitfully: Self-Control Fr John S. Hogan

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Living Fruitfully: Chastity

Living Fruitfully: Chastity Fr John McKeever

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Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit Stratford Caldecott

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Novena to the Holy Spirit Fr Philip G Bochanski, CO

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7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Fr Richard Conrad, OP

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5 Reasons to Go to Mass on Sunday

It's easy to fall out of the practice of going to Mass or to wonder why it's necessary to go at all. Here you can discover five reasons why it's important to go to Mass, and why the Church requires all who are able to go to Mass every Sunday.

Litany of Our Lady of Fatima

Pray to Our Lady of Fatima with this litany based on the Fatima message, asking her to sanctify the clergy, to make Catholics fervent, and help us to resist temptation.

Why believe in the Christian God? Why not Zeus, Loki or Apollo?

What does it mean to profess belief in one God, as we do when we pray the Creed at Mass? Throughout history, humans have believed in different gods who were pleased by different actions. In this blog, James Matthew Wilson reflects on the first line of the Creed, "I believe in one God".

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