Excerpts from the Roman Missal - "Book of the Chair"

Formerly known as Book of the Chair

By: Catholic Truth Society

Format: Leather bound

Dimensions: 270mm by 190mm

ISBN : 9781784695712

Number of Pages: 400

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Publication Date: 30 Nov 2018

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(formerly known as the Book of the Chair)

The Excerpts from the Roman Missal Book has been a much-requested publication since the publication of the new translation of the Roman Missal in 2010. The book contains prayers said from the chair.

This Edition will soon be available for use following Vatican approval and is a welcome addition to the Liturgical Books used at Sunday and other Masses. It is a fraction of the weight of the Altar and Chapel Missals and offers a practical and portable alternative for use at the chair whether on a lectern or held by an altar server.

The book contains prayers said from the chair for Sundays and feast days reproduced in a beautifully bound and durable volume. The text is large and legible even at a distance, set at full Altar Missal size with clear indications for the prayers said before and after the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Sundays throughout the year and Feasts and Solemnities from the Proper of Time as well as Ritual Masses and the Common of the dedication of a church are included along with Appendices such as the Sprinkling of Water, sample Universal Prayers and alternative invocations for the Penitential Act. (The texts of Holy Week can be found in the CTS volume: Holy Week Missal (RM11)).

·         Leather bound and gold blocked

·         Beautifully illustrated in full colour

·         Black and red text on high quality ivory paper

·         Gilt edges

·         4 Satin Ribbons

Font size: 13.5pt