CTS in your Parish

Passing on the Faith – a key part of every parish’s mission

At the heart of every Catholic parish should be the task of teaching the Faith.
But with so many demands on a parish priest’s time, sometimes the Sunday homily is his only real opportunity to do so.

Parish Catechists also assist in teaching candidates for First Communion, Confirmation or RCIA
- but how can we in the parishes help those who were raised Catholic but have little understanding of their Faith?
Or help those who rarely or never attend Mass? - How can we reach them?

CTS helps parishes pass on the Catholic Faith

The Catholic Truth Society exists to support the work of priests and catechists in parishes. CTS seeks out the best authors who can explain the Church’s teaching in a clear and reasonable way, and publishes a wide range of publications to help Catholics and others grow in faith.



CTS in your parish

Imagine, for a moment, how CTS could help in your parish. Just think how a CTS rack could increase the faith of your parishioners: a living, growing faith in your parish will bring it alive!

Special offer to get you started

If you are the parish priest, or have his permission to purchase on the parish’s behalf, CTS will set up a parish account for you, giving you a 15% discount on booklets and leaflets for re-sale every time you order. As a special introductory offer, there is a 35% discount on your first order of booklets and leaflets, when you order a CTS book rack.

This discount helps ensure that the book rack in your parish covers its costs: people who purchase items from the book rack can leave the full price of the item in your parish’s collection box.

Administration is quite simple: a person in the parish can be delegated to look after the book rack, placing orders for new stock, handling the money, and ensuring the book rack remainswell presented. And CTS’s Customer Service team are always on hand to advise and assist.

Give us a call - we’ll get you started

We’d be happy to talk with you about how to set up CTS in your parish.

CTS's customer service team will be pleased to take your call (during office hours, Monday to Friday):

• From UK: 020 7640 0042
• From Eire: 00 44 20 7640 0042
• From other countries:
[international dialling code] + 44 20 7640 0042

What our customers have said

"It’s good to have the CTS booklets. As we are a Cathedral we do have a bookshop but we find that by having the CTS racks at the back of Church we can reach a lot more people"
Mrs Hill, Lancaster Cathedral

"I am delighted by the charitable work of CTS: the material of this society exposes Catholic doctrine in a hopeful, sound and well presented way. Both parishioners and visitors alike have been encouraged by the good work of this worthy society for some years now. I strongly endorse the work of CTS for every parish. It is simply in a class of its own."
Fr Paul Dobson, St Timothy’s Parish, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

"The booklets are very easy to read and beautifully laid out. The Lives of the Saints and the devotional books are particularly popular in my Parish. The racks work very well as they are unobtrusive, taking up very little space, yet displaying the publications very well."
Fr Richard Plunkett, Sts John Fisher and Thomas More Church, London

One key way that you can help CTS is to bring CTS into the heart of your parish. Many parishes have already established a CTS presence in their parish, selling our booklets and passing on the faith to both parishioners and visitors.

Here we have outlined some of the key ways you can bring CTS into your parish.

CTS Book Racks

CTS book racks are present in many parishes in Britain and Ireland and many other countries around the world. They act as an extension of the ministry of priests and catechists, offering answers and spiritual formation, through CTS booklets and leaflets, for visitors to Catholic churches.

Reasonably priced, CTS’s booklets and leaflets have transformed many people’s lives, offering them faith and hope, providing guidance in difficult times, or leading them ever deeper into the riches of the Catholic faith.
CTS also publishes a wide range of other publications: parish courses, Bibles, liturgical books and prayer books, and much more.