The Triduum: Catholic Customs & Traditions

What does the word "Maundy" mean? Why does the Queen distribute Maundy Money? Why do we eat Hot Cross buns? Why is Good Friday called "Good"? What happens at the Easter Vigil? Discover Catholic customs & traditions for the Triduum in this group of blogs.

Maundy Thursday: Catholic Customs & Traditions

How does the Pope mark Maundy Thursday? Why does the Queen give out Maundy Money? Where does the word “Maundy” come from? Discover the customs and traditions for Maundy Thursday in this blog.

Good Friday: Catholic Customs & Traditions

Why do we have Hot Cross buns? What is a witness walk? Why is Good Friday traditionally a good day for planting seeds? And why do we call it “Good” Friday? Discover the customs and traditions associated with Good Friday in this blog.

Holy Saturday: Catholic Customs & Traditions

On Holy Saturday the Church honours Christ in the tomb. Everything is silent: the Mass is not celebrated, the church is empty. There is an air of expectation. We have celebrated Good Friday, now it is Holy Saturday, and the next day is the third day. Discover the customs and traditions that mark this special day.

Easter Sunday: Catholic Customs & Traditions

Although the Easter Vigil is one of the most magnificent events in the Church’s year, there are many traditions and customs associated with Easter Sunday itself, such as Easter egg hunts, lamb, and Simnel cake. Discover the Christian traditions associated with Easter Sunday in this blog.


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