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My Simple Mass Book

David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi


This illustrated guide to the Mass is an invaluable tool to help children engage with what is happening and why, while interspersing the texts of the Mass with devotional texts and child-friendly explanations. A perfect First Communion gift.

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This handy guide to the Mass for children is a must-have for First Communion age children and above. To help enrich their experience of the Mass, the texts of the Mass are colourfully illustrated and interspersed with devotional texts and explanations of the various parts of the Mass, facilitating conscious and active participation on the part of the child. 

To further deepen the child's understanding, the illustrations depict not only the events happening in the church during Mass but their theological and personal significance for the child. A perfect First Communion gift and a great tool for teaching children what is happening at Mass and why it is happening..

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 105 × 148 mm


Product Format Paperback
Pages 56
Publication Date 2013-01-01

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