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Marthe Robin (ebook)

P Tierney


EBOOK ONLY. Considered a great mystic, founder of the ‘Foyers de Charité, Venerable Marthe Robin’s counsels are comparable to Thérèse of Lisieux or Bernadette of Lourdes.

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Venerable Marthe Robin was born into a peasant farming family in 1902, one of six children. Serious illness marked her adult life, so much so that from her twenties she was confined to bed, crippled, and gradually paralysed. By 38 she was blind. She only died in 1981. She was a 'stigmatic', carrying Christ's wounds, and considered a great mystic. and courage in the face of intense suffering, her writings and counsels are comparable to Thérèse of Lisieux or Bernadette of Lourdes.

Who is Marthe and what message has she for today? This booklet answers this question, revealing why she, and the impressive 'Foyers of Charity' she founded – now spreading rapidly worldwide – are a source of joy in today's Church.

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Subtitle A Chosen Soul
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Publication Date 1999-01-01