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36 Days & 36 Ways – Year B

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB


Henry Wansbrough uses the readings of Advent and Christmas, to the Epiphany to provide timeless and inspiring meditations and suggested actions that will revive a desire for God’s spirit to empower you to follow Christ more fully.

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During the holy seasons of Advent and Christmas, the Church puts before us special readings for each day, helping us to celebrate the coming of Christ.

This booklet gives the biblical references and a few verses of the readings for each of the 36 days of Advent and Christmas, to the Epiphany. They include the four Sundays of Advent that are special for Year B. The reflections delve deep into the meaning of the Christmas story, moving from the themes of waiting and mystery to the joy of the incarnation and the redemption.

The passage for each day ends with a suggestion on how the reader might put the spirit of Christmas into action in celebrating the coming of Christ – not just as a world-changing event that happened over 2,000 years ago, but as something which changes our own lives here and now.

Note: Although this publication can be read in any year, it contains the Scripture readings for Year B of the Church’s calendar. Year B: Advent 2020 – Christ the King 2021, 2023-2024, 2026-2027

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Subtitle Daily Meditations from Advent to the Epiphany - Year B
Product Format Paperback
Pages 80
Publication Date 2017-09-01