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St Maria Goretti

Teenage martyr for chastity, Maria died following a sexual attack. Her story speaks powerfully of forgiving the unforgivable.

In 1902 in an Italian village a young girl, Maria Goretti, was murdered during a sexual attack. Her killer, Alessandro Serenelli, himself a teenager, was a close neighbour well-known to her and her family. He had been threatening her for some time.

What does it mean, how can it help, to say that she is a virgin and martyr? This is an often misunderstood and sentimentalised story. When many parents and teenagers strive for a balanced view of sexuality, of personal integrity, of Christian family life, and forgiveness to those who do irreparable harm, Maria’s story speaks powerfully and authentically. It echoes Pope St John Paul II’s cry to young people – ‘Do not be afraid to be saints!’

Based on the ⁠Catholic Truth Society⁠ book written by Glynn MacNiven-Johnston. ⁠⁠⁠Available as an ebook here⁠.⁠

Listen to this audiobook for free. Produced in partnership with the ⁠Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.


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