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Inside the Lectionary

The Lectionary, which is the book that contains the Scripture readings for Mass and the Sacraments, is changing as part of the continuing process of revising liturgical translations. Below, discover what the Lectionary looks like inside.

What are the updates to the Lectionary?

There are several important updates to the new Lectionary.

1. Typeset in an updated specially modified version of Stone font with rubrics in red.

2. Clarity: Text set in sense lines for ease of proclaimability.

3. Study Aids: In-line verse numbers simplify cross-referencing for preaching and study.

4. Calendar: A complete Proper of Saints with new saints and updated national calendars.

5. Index: Fully indexed with page numbers and Lectionary numbers for all biblical references, psalms and feasts,
including national proper.

6. Music: New music settings for Gospel Sequences.

Look inside the new Lectionary: Volume 1

Look inside the new Lectionary: Volume 2