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Would you like to get involved in our mission to help people discover, nurture and share their faith? Here are some of the ways you can help.

Would you like to get involved in our mission to help people discover, nurture and share their faith? Here are some of the ways you can help.

  1. Make a donation

    As a charity CTS relies on the generosity of its supporters to carry out its mission. It is contributions like this that help us not only publishing inspiring new titles, but also support those in need such as prisoners and students, and expanding our mission digitally, for example by producing audio books.

    Click here to make a payment now by credit or debit card, or to become a regular supporter of CTS.

    Offline donations: Cheques can be made payable to Catholic Truth Society and sent to:

    Catholic Truth Society
    42-46 Harleyford Road
    SE11 5AY

    Please clearly state your name, address and postcode so that we can attribute your gift to you.

    Alternatively to donate by credit or debit card over the phone, please call our Customer Services Team on 0207 640 0042.

  2. Subscribe to one of book subscription services

    Did you know you can receive CTS books or Church Documents to your door as soon as they’re published? Click here to find out more!

  3. Keep up to date with all the latest from CTS

    Get 10% off your next order when you sign up to receive our newsletter! You’ll also be the first to know about new publications, plus you’ll receive exclusive offers and updates, helpful book  recommendations, inspiring extracts from our books, and support for living your faith.

  4. Buy CTS publications and give them to others

    CTS publications aim to inspire, inform, and ignite your faith. If there is a particular publication that you’ve found helpful, or if you know someone who might want to learn more about Catholic teaching on a certain issue, why not get a copy for someone else? This is a practical and easy way to answer the Christian call to evangelisation.

    If you’d like to do something on a larger scale, why not hand them out to people as part of an evangelistic mission? Alternatively, you could make a donation of CTS publications to your parish or local Catholic school to help them in turn pass on the Faith.

  5. Listen to CTS Audiobooks and share them with others

    CTS is now pleased to bring you CTS Audio, a collection of audio recordings of CTS publications.

    Our audiobooks have been recorded in partnership with the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and are free audiobooks that you can listen to online. Please share them with others to help more people discover and be inspired by our audiobooks.

    Listen on Spotify

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    Listen on Google

  6. Follow us on Social Media

    Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, CTS is sharing God’s truth with people who might not normally hear about us. Follow us on your favourite social network to get inspiration for your life, to learn more about the Saints, to understand more about the Faith, for news and updates about CTS and our publications, and for the latest Catholic news.

    By sharing our social media content with others, you will help us to further our mission, to reach new people, and to evangelise those who have yet to realise that the answer to the deepest yearning in our hearts lies in Christ alone.

  7. Set up CTS in your parish

    In hundreds of parishes across the UK, ordinary parishioners or Parish Priests have become CTS Reps. These are people who take responsibility for ordering CTS in their parish, ensuring that the piety stall, repository, or book rack is filled with all the latest and most popular CTS publications. Find out more about setting up CTS in your parish.

  8. Order CTS publications for any talks, events, or groups in your parish

    Is your parish hosting an event or having a talk? Perhaps you have a group that meets in your parish regularly. A great way to support CTS is by having appropriate CTS titles available for people to buy at the event, talk or group. Whether it’s a seasonal event, a parish mission, a talk on a topical issue, a Bible study group or anything else, order some great CTS titles to go with the event or group and we’ll let you have them on sale or return. This means any you don’t sell can be returned to us afterwards for a full refund, and you’re not out of pocket for the titles that didn’t sell.

    To find out more about ordering on sale or return, contact us now.

  9. Pray for CTS

    This precious work would not be possible without God’s aid, so please remember us in your daily prayers. Click on the image to download a PDF of the prayer to print and share.

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Sign Up for CTS Emails

Sign Up for CTS Emails

Get 10% off your next order when you sign up for our newsletter. Plus be the first to know about new publications and find support for living the Catholic faith.

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The CTS Blog

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CTS Subscriptions

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As a charity CTS relies on the generosity of its supporters to carry out its mission

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