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  When you place an order this Advent*, you will also receive a FREE copy of Admirabile Signum, Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter on the Nativity Scene.   (*Orders shipped by 18th December. UK only.)


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The Church Year for Children Katrina Lange, Pia Biehl

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Behold the Man: A Reflection for Christ the King

“We have no king but Caesar”, shout the crowds. (Jn 19:15) Time and again, through the moral choices we make; through the influencers and politicians and pundits we listen to; through our attraction to the powerful and wealthy of this world and our willingness to imitate their ways, we often cry out like those crowds did, and we give our obeisance to a king other than the one seated here in dignified solitude.

Prayers After Holy Communion

The Eucharist is a tremendous gift, the very Body of Christ Himself. After Holy Communion, take some time to thank God for this gift with the aid of these prayers, which will guide your heart in offering a humble and holy thanksgiving, while asking the Lord to help you become more worthy of the Sacrament.

Prayers of Thanksgiving After Mass

At the end of Mass, take some time to thank the Lord for the great event you have just been part of. With these beautiful prayers, including the Anima Christi, the Universal Prayer Attributed to Pope Clement XI, and Prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, lift your heart to God and ask Him to make you holy.

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