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Living with Illness and Suffering

The Catholic way to hope and healing

Practical guidance on bearing suffering and sickness.

By: Donnelly, Deacon Nick

Format: A6 Paperback

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ISBN : 9781860826641

Number of Pages: 68

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Publication Date: 01 May 2010

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This booklet of practical advice, discernment and reflection, meditation and prayer, has been written for people coming to terms with chronic illness and other conditions - long-term sickness, disability, grief, depression, anxiety and other forms of suffering.This timely exposition of the Catholic understanding of the dignity and value of each life eloquently answers today’s vocal minority who press for easy answers, including assisted suicide. Accessible and thorough, this text has been written with great compassion and insight. Nick Donnelly, married to Martina, is a Deacon of the Lancaster Diocese and himself suffers from chronic illness. He has edited and authored several titles for the CTS, including Prayers for Grieving Parents and other titles on the Rosary.