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A-Z of Spiritual Living

Fr Gerard Bogan


A practical resource, incorporating methods, tools, and examples to help each reader to explore their spirituality: to learn how to find it, experience it, help it to grow, and to live it.

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‘Spirituality’ is a buzzword in our time, yet there is still much confusion about what it means. Arranged alphabetically by spiritual themes, Gerard Bogan opens the spiritual life to a world that is in danger of losing its sense of the divine or the spirit within; a world that has become uncertain about God but seeks God nonetheless – as evidenced by our unconscious daily thoughts and actions. Whether you are a Catholic, or of another faith, or whether you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual but not religious’, this practical resource is a rich source for reflection.

The suggestion given at the end of each section will help each reader to explore their own spirituality: to find it, experience it, help it to grow, and above all to live it.

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