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Desire & Delight

Intimacy with God through the Scriptures

By: Taylerson, Fr Robert

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ISBN : 9781860828690

Number of Pages: 56

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Publication Date: 10 May 2013

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How the Bible reveals our desire for God and his desire for us.

Christianity is sometimes presented as a very glum affair, and the saints as killjoy ascetics who renounce all pleasure for the sake of virtue.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Union with God gives happiness and delight, and God wills only our joy.

This book examines the joys and pleasures of the Christian life through the Song of Songs and the Psalms.

These two ancient books, contain some of the most poetic and gorgeous imagery of the whole bible, and are simply explained in this text.

About the author

Fr Taylerson is a parish priest in Trent Vale, Stokeon- Trent, in the archdiocese of Birmingham, and a tutor involved with formation of permanent deacons at Oscott College.

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"... a most original and gutsy piece of writing: Desire and Delight: intimacy with God through the Scriptures by Fr Robert Taylerson (a tutor at Oscott). Its final paragraph explains the title: “Desire and delight should be experienced as part of the normal journey towards God…. They prepare us for the fullness of the Beatific Vision, which is the ultimate vocation, the final shared delight in eternity, to which God is calling each of us”. The whole text is a powerful and inspiring read."