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Working Together to Evangelise

The Catholic Truth Society is a unique Catholic Charity (no. 218951) publishing non-stop since 1868. With its mission to communicate the truths of the Catholic faith, CTS is one of the oldest and most inspiring Catholic organisations existing today.

Many people of all ages and backgrounds have good reason to celebrate being Catholic today and are grateful for their faith. They are able and willing to articulate the joy and hope that faith brings, the clarity of vision and purpose it inspires. Faith in Jesus Christ can and does transform lives and CTS is one of the agents for hope, for change, communicating the essence of the Good News which sits at the heart of the Christian faith. CTS is proud to be a small part of the support network that accompanies people in their search for the truth about life, about death, suffering, joy, hope, mercy and true happiness.

The CTS has been instrumental in evangelisation in this country and abroad and our publications have touched millions of lives:

“CTS Books get right to the heart of the matter and are a wonderful stepping stone for further reading.   The books on prayer, suffering, forgiveness, saints, spiritual warfare and angels are wonderful treasure troves of advice and guidance and are life affirming.” (Ruby Laurent)

“The CTS is always my first port of call whenever I need any Christian and especially Catholic based publications or resources.  Over the years, I’ve given away many of the little CTS booklets, which I find very well written, and I recommend the CTS resources to my family and friends.”  (Antony Roullier)

“I am delighted by the charitable work of CTS: the material of this society exposes Catholic doctrine in a hopeful, sound and well presented way. Both parishioners and visitors alike have been encouraged by the good work of this worthy society for some years now. I strongly endorse the work of CTS for every parish. It is simply in a class of its own.” (Fr Paul Dobson –  St Timothy’s Parish, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada)


Our Mission


The Catholic Truth Society is motivated today by the same desire that inspired its foundation: to evangelise and to spread the Catholic faith through the written word. Our Mission Statement says it all:


We believe in helping people to discover, nurture and share their faith, by providing honest and compelling answers to life’s deepest questions.

Everything we do is authentic, accessible, and authoritative. You can rely on us to tackle the important issues of life and faith, to make the complicated easy to understand, and that the works we publish are in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

As a charity and a publisher, we use the written word to support and encourage people at every stage of their journey; from parish priests to those exploring for the first time and from pre-schoolers to pensioners.


Catholic Truth Society
God’s truth, beautifully told.
SINCE 1868

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