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Working Together to Evangelise

The Catholic Truth Society is a unique Catholic Charity (no. 218951) publishing non-stop since 1868.

With its mission to communicate the truths of the Catholic faith, CTS is one of the oldest and most inspiring Catholic organisations existing today.

The CTS publishes books and resources that Catholics need to help them gain a deeper understanding of their faith and to share it with others.

We respond to the challenges facing believers and non-believers today with materials that are attractive, truthful, engaging and affordable.

Reaching out in faith

The 600+ publications currently available give practical help to millions of people through CTS’s famous church racks, and also reach schools, hospitals, prisons, seminaries, missions, the media, enquirers . . . and not just in the UK but worldwide.

CTS publications reach people in all situations and walks of life, providing support for priests, teachers, parents and catechists to pass on the gift of faith to a new generation.

CTS’s mission also reaches out to those who may feel far from God and from happiness, offering them hope.

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Mission Statement

The Catholic Truth Society is motivated today by the same desire that inspired its foundation: to evangelise and to spread the Catholic faith through the written word. Our Mission Statement says it all:

CTS Mission Statement

We believe in providing honest and compelling answers to life’s deepest questions.


We use the written word to support and encourage people at every stage of their journey. You can rely on us to tackle the important issues of life and faith, and to make the complicated easy to understand.


CTS: Truth, beautifully told.

Since 1868


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Even with 150 years of Catholic publishing, CTS is constantly renewing its commitment to fields of real importance: to Scripture with its CTS New Catholic Bible, to Catechesis with Evangelium and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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