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Saints & Patrons (ebook only)

Joanna Bogle


EBOOK ONLY. This booklet provides an extensive list of names to choose from for use by parents, and by those being baptised or confirmed, to aid in choosing a helper who is in heaven.

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At Baptism and Confirmation we take a new name. In this booklet, the well-known Catholic author and journalist, Joanna Bogle, provides an extensive list of names to choose from. She briefly introduces each saint, and reminds us that, by taking a saint's name, we are not just selecting a name we like, or a person who inspires us, but adopting a patron who is already in heaven and who can intercede for us and help us.

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Subtitle Christian Names for Baptism and Confirmation.
Product Format Paperback
Pages 64
Publication Date 2012-01-01