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Male, Female, Other?


This item will be released 26th July 2024.

Jason Evert addresses the most common claims of gender theory, including “How many genders are there?”, “Should I use their preferred pronouns?”
and “What if I experience gender dysphoria?”, showing how to respond with charity and clarity.

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Few words today generate as much controversy as "gender." Students, parents, and educators are asking:

  • How many genders are there?
  • What if my daughter says she's trans?
  • Do some people have an intersex brain?
  • Should I use their preferred pronouns?
  • Is gender a social construct?
  • Does surgery prevent suicide?
  • Are puberty blockers safe?
  • What if I experience gender dysphoria?

In Male, Female, Other? Jason Evert addresses the most common claims of gender theory and shows how to respond with charity and clarity.

If you care about someone who identifies as trans and don't know how to respond, or you experience gender dysphoria and wonder what God's plan is for you, you'll find the answers inside.

Expanded for the UK edition with an Afterword by Stefan Kaminski, readers can gain insight into the similarities and differences of how gender theory has shaped society, politics and medical practice on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 127 × 203 mm
Subtitle A Catholic Guide to Understanding Gender
Product Format Paperback
Pages 264
Publication Date 2024-07-26