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How to Go to Confession

Get help on going to confession or understand more about the sacrament with these helpful resources

Confession is the Sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins committed after baptism. Through the Sacraments Christ continues his healing and life-giving ministry in the Church.

Confession is a sacrament that goes by many names:

• We call it the Sacrament of Reconciliation because it is the means Christ has left us to be reconciled with God and his Church.

• It is the Sacrament of Penance because it involves a turning back to God and away from our selfishness.

• It is called Confession because in this sacrament we confess or ‘speak forth’ our sins.

• It is also fittingly called the Sacrament of Pardon and Peace, because in this Sacrament God does what we cannot do: he forgives our sins and brings peace to our souls.


Our Best Guides to Confession

YOUCAT Confession YOUCAT Foundation

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Handbook of Prayers

Handbook of Prayers Rev James D Socias

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Why go to Confession? Fr John Flader

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A Simple Penance Book Catholic Truth Society

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How to Go to Confession

How to Go to Confession

How to Go to Confession

This quick but helpful guide has everything you need to make a good confession, breaking down the essential elements of a good confession and explaining step by step how to go to confession.

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Why is Confession Important?

Why do I need to go to Confession?

Why do I need to go to Confession?

Have you ever wondered why you need to go to confession, or why you can't just confess your sins directly to God without needing to confess to a priest? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the Sacrament of Penance.

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Confession Resources for Parishes