YouCat Confirmation

“This is an ideal Confirmation programme for a parish that wants something fresh and easily decipherable. It is theologically sound and fits in with the YouCat and the YouCat Prayer Book’s slick, colourful and vibrant look that young people so enjoy.  

It’s highly adaptable as well, with plenty of background ideas and ways of putting your own spin on things.  An excellent resource, I highly recommend it.”  

(John Quinn, Youth Minister, Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon)

Bringing together the very best in catechetical content and design, this exciting new course has been developed by the authors of the world’s best selling Youth Catechism. Course resources include a Handbook for Catechists and a Confirmation Book for Candidates – these are used alongside the Bible and the YouCat Youth Catechism for one of the most exciting and comprehensive confirmation courses of recent times.


What does the course cover?

Adopting the trusted, tried and quality pedagogy and highly successful design and communication methods of YouCat, this Course is designed to engage young people of 12 years old and upwards. Its theological basis is a four part training plan for young people, comprising: participation in the course, Sunday Mass, regular prayer, and Bible reading. Preparation for the sacrament is based on an understanding that the sacrament transmits to candidates power and grace from the Holy Spirit, which impacts upon their daily lives and choices.

The course is made up of 12 key steps of Lessons

1. Getting Started 2. What We Can Know about God 3. Why the World Is Broken 4. Jesus—More than a Mere Man 5. Why Did Jesus Have to Die? 6. The Comeback of Jesus...or the Story of the Resurrection 7. In Search of the Holy Spirit 8. Prayer -Staying in Touch with the Living God 9. The Church - a Home for You and Me 10. Eucharist—the Generosity of God 11. Update! Confession! 12. What Happens in Confirmation?

Course Resources 

The YouCat Confirmation Book (For Candidates) - RRP £9.95 (Parish price £7.46) - All the topics are explained here for the students in an entertaining and challenging way, adopting the popular YouCat design. Illustrated in colour, the text provides excellent explanations and flags up important questions, with leads to further research throughout each topic covered. The materials invite candidates to engage with their faith honestly and openly. - View an extract here.


The YouCat Confirmation Handbook  (For Catechists) £19.95 RRP (Parish Price £14.96)  - Each of the twelve topics has an introduction providing the theological background to the lesson followed by a choice of multi level lesson plans to suit your group’s age and ability – each accompanied with a summary of important theological points. A range of materials for each lesson is also available at the end of each chapter. View an extract here.

The YouCat Youth Catechism itself and a bible are the two other crucial elements of this exciting course. Taken together it will provide a fresh new way to prepare young people for this important Sacrament. for a life closer to Christ.

Catechists will need:
A Catechist’s Handbook, a Bible, and a copy of the YouCat.

Candidates will need:
A Confirmation Book, a Bible, and a copy of the YouCat Catechism.


"YouCat combines sound catechesis and faith formation with a youthful, dynamic, appealing presentation. I hope that this book and the related resources will assist you in promoting the New Evangelization and a deepened catechesis among young people."

(Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles)


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