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Understanding The Story Of The Bible

An Introduction to Salvation History

By: Grant, Clare Eileen

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Publication Date: 10 May 2013

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Catholics have been encouraged since the Second Vatican Council to become more familiar with the Holy Bible, yet many still find it a daunting book.

The Lectionary gives generous extracts throughout the liturgical year, but at the cost of losing sight of the historical context of each extract.

In order to recover our sense of the narrative as a whole, we need to understand Salvation History as the true history of the world, from creation and fall to salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ,leading to eternal happiness in God.

About the author

Eileen Clare Grant works as a freelance editor and RCIA catechist in the Diocese of Aberdeen, and has written for the Tablet, the Sower and Magnificat, as well as the Aberdeen diocesan magazine. She is a Benedictine oblate of Pluscarden Abbey.

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" Understanding the Story of the Bible , by Eileen Clare Grant, a Benedictine oblate of Pluscarden Abbey. This surveys carefully chosen strategic landmarks of the Old Testament, arriving at the New Covenant only in the last chapter: it is all designed to prepare us for the story of Our Lord’s Birth, “in the fullness of time”, It is, in fact, a brilliant preliminary introduction to the New Testament itself. "