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The End of the World

What Catholics Believe

By: O'Regan, Emmett

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Publication Date: 06 May 2014

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The end of the world is a topic that has fascinated Christians ever since the prophecies of Jesus concerning the signs of the end times, and the Book of Revelation. This text covers the development of apocalyptic thought throughout the course of Christian history, with a view to clearly distinguishing between beliefs that the Church has accepted and rejected.

About the Author: Emmett O’Regan is a student of ancient languages, author of a book called Unveiling the Apocalypse, and the host of a popular blog on Catholic eschatology of the same name.

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Mr CTS Reviews


The books goal is to correct misinterpretations of the rapture and the heresies of it. The author does a very good job accomplishing this goal, and in the process provides great history (he’s got a knack for relating the facts of history) and advice toward approaching private revelation regarding the end times. The book would be very appealing to many simply because its subject matter is always popular. People love the apocalyptic. Just look at the movies, videogames and books out there. Because of this popular subject matter, most people have incorrect perceptions concerning the end of the world and even some Catholics accidentally blend their religious views with those of fiction. This booklet would definitely allow these types of people to understand the Church’s real belief regarding eschatology. Also, to those more learned in the faith, this booklet provides interesting and little known information regarding all the heresies and false eschatologies that have developed over the centuries. Mr Nate Pacer