Silent Prayer

By: Fr Andrzej Muszala

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ISBN : 9781784691301

Number of Pages: 72

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Publication Date: 08 Jun 2016

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We are not accustomed to spending time with God, in silence, without any specific words or intentions. We feel more comfortable saying something! We feel we must tell him about the Church's needs, the world's needs, our own needs. Then we feel we have achieved something;we have not wasted our time. Silent prayer obliges us to leave all that to the Almighty. To enter into silent prayer we must leave everything behind. Learning how to pray is possible and a way of living that supports a deep and happy Christian faith.

Fr Andrzej Muszala is a priest of Krakow diocese, professor of bioethics and medical ethics.

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Mrs Jennifer Moorcroft


REVIEW OF ‘SILENT PRAYER’ In the 1960s, when ‘Transcendental Meditation’ TM, became popular, a Carmelite priest went to a TM teacher for instruction. Very soon, the teacher told him that he was unable to give him any teaching, because he had gone far further than TM could ever go.. ‘Silent Prayer’, in the Catholic tradition, takes off where TM ends, or rather, its end is completely diffferent. It is a sad fact that whenever ‘meditation’ is suggested as a means to personal wellbeing, even when offered in schools, it is this eastern form of TM that is meant, rather than meditation in the Christian tradition. This is why this little book is so valuable. In a few short pages it distils the wisdom of Catholic teaching, drawing especially on the great Carmelite teachers of prayer, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux; above all, that of John of the Cross. This may sound daunting to some, who connect him with the ‘dark night’ and his saying: ‘nada, nada, nada’ – ‘nothing, nothing, nothing’. Muszala distils this into 5 ‘nothings’ which are deeply positive: Standing in the presence of God; Spiritual Reading; closing your eyes; looking at Jesus; making your act of faith; it is by these means, which he describes, that we turn away from externals to fix our attention on God. He also shows why Catholic prayer is so different from TM; it is not aimed at personal wellbeing, but is a reaching out in love and faith to a beloved person, Jesus Christ, who through his Spirit dwelling within us, directs us toward his Father. It is a ‘loving without any boundaries’ (p. 10). There are also some beautiful meditations from the Scriptures: the Sing of Songs, the woman with the flow of blood, the Samaritan woman for example. This booklet is a little gem for those who want to deepen their prayer life. It is a booklet that can be read and pondered on many times for its wisdom and beauty. Jennifer Moorcroft, author of 'A Catholic Response to the Jehovah's Witnesses', Authorhouse 2014

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This book is so much more than a book on silent prayer as it gives light to the whole Christian journey and spiritual life in its different stages. It is very enlightening and encouraging. It is also very profound and easy to read with a practical side to it, quite a gem!