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Louis and Zélie Martin

Parents of Thérèse of Lisieux

The father and mother of a great saint.

By: Redmond, Fr Paulinus

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Thérèse of Lisieux is one of the world’s best known saints and a Doctor of the Church. Her four surviving sisters all also entered into convents. What kind of family life fostered so many vocations and such a great saint? Thérèse’s parents Louis and Zélie Martin lived a full life: they were business people, experienced joys and tragedies, including the loss of children, of a wife to cancer and the suffering of mental illness. They made mistakes but lived a life deeply grounded in prayer, faith and a great love for the Church. Fr Redmond uses letters and many biographical details to describe the soil in which the ‘Little Flower’ grew.

This text has been updated and revised in the light of Louis and Zelie's upcoming Canonisation at the Synod for the Family in October 2015.

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From Fr Tim Finigan: 11/10/2008 While on my travels, I took a couple of the new CTS pamphlets with me. One I would heartily recommend is the one on Louis and Zélie Martin by Fr Paulinus Redmond. in 75 pages he does an great job of capturing the spirit of their life and of their exceptional family.