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Catholic Social Teaching

A Way in

Introduces the rich area of the social teaching of the Church

By: Caldecott, Stratford

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ISBN : 9781860821165

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‘The Common Good’, ‘option for the poor’ ‘subsidiarity’- concepts like these have become part of the currency of Catholic teaching, but what do they mean? What are their foundations in scripture and tradition which make them distinctively Catholic? This book examines key aspects of human social relations such as the family, the state and civil society, the world of work and justice. It explains in clear language how a conscience informed by divine revelation brings out the true human vocation to love of God and neighbour. The author highlights the particular contribution of Pope John Paul II. In an increasingly materialist, individualist and utilitarian world this book opens up a rich heritage of teaching and reflection.

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This is the best brief presentation of Catholic social teaching available. Caldecott grounds his analysis in the vision of JPII and in the teaching of the Catechism, making for a reliable, orthodox presentation. Very highly recommended.