Catholic Knowledge Network Posters (Pack of 3)

By: Fr Andrew Pinsent

Format: 3 A2 Laminated Posters in a tube

Dimensions: 42cm by 59cm

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A pack of 3 colourful laminated posters A2 size.

Catholic pioneers in the fields of history, philosophy, theology, music, drama and the natural sciences are presented in these attractive laminated posters.

Hildegard of Bingen: One of the towering intellects of the Medieval period and a female polymath who made an impact in an extraordinary number of varied fields including music, poetry, drama, botany, medicine, philosophy and the natural sciences. A great Saint and an inspiring woman.

Venerable Bede: The Father of British history and one of the most important historians in his method, whose chronology of early British history and use of AD has influenced every historian since.

St Thomas Aquinas: The Angelic doctor is known for his writings on philosophy and theology which have influenced Christian and Western thought in a unique way. His Summa Theologica is one of the most comprehensive explanations of the Catholic Faith ever written.

An extension of the original pack of five Catholic Knowledge Network Posters (ED17).