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The Christian Faith: A Mini Catechism for Catholics

Fr Stephen Wang


Here, in 73 concise articles, the core ideas of the Christian faith are expressed, in a nutshell – with clear and accurate explanations providing a mini-catechism for all enquirers.

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This booklet presents the Christian faith in a series of 73 concise articles. Each article expresses, in a nutshell, the core ideas about a wide range of topics as they are found in the Catholic tradition. The aim is to give food for thought, clear and accurate explanations and so to provide a mini-catechism of the most important elements of the Christian faith. While the richness and beauty of faith cannot be expressed in mere words, the right words can encourage us to explore it more deeply.

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Subtitle A Mini-Catechism for Catholics
Product Format Paperback
Pages 88
Publication Date 2015-05-01