Catholic Knowledge Network Poster Pack 1

Format: 5 A2 Laminated Posters in a tube

Dimensions: 42cm by 59cm

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Publication Date: 14 Oct 2013

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Catholic Knowledge Network - showing the importance of the Faith in every area of human endeavour.

A first pack of 5 colourful laminated A2 sized posters. Catholic pioneers in the fields of science, mathematics, literature and music are presented in these attractive laminated posters, that come in one tube.

This first pack includes posters on:

• George Lemaître ( the Belgian priest who proposed the Big Bang theory)
• Gregor Mendel (the Augustinian friar who was the founder of the new science of genetics)
• Guido d’Arezzo ( the Medieval music theorist who invented musical notation as we know it today)
• Maria Agnesi ( an Italian noble lady of great learning, the first woman to be appointed Maths professor at a university) and
• J.R.R. Tolkien ( the devout Catholic author of The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit books).

About the author

Fr Andrew Pinsent is Research Director at The Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Faith in Oxford and co-founder of The Evangelium Project.

• 5 laminated encapsulated posters
• Perfect for the physics, biology, music, mathematics
and English classroom.
• A great aid for when the Section 48 R.E inspection
• Part of The Evangelium Project.
• More Catholic Knowledge Network posters to come.