Baptism – Being a Child’s Godparent (Pack of 25 Leaflets)

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Concisely explains Christian Baptism and the responsibilities of a Godparent or sponsor, as well as who is eligible to become a Godparent.

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This informative leaflet explains what a Christian Baptism is and what a Godparent or Sponsor is as well as who is eligible to become a Godparent. The important responsibilities of the Godparent are explained and all the promises and responses they will make are included. The role of the Godparent as an example and guide in the Christian life is emphasised. A baptismal Godparent's agreement form is included which should be sent to the Parish Office of the parish where the godchild is to be baptised at least one week before the date of baptism.

Pack of 25 eight-sided leaflets.

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